bp007 – Hitler's dirty surrogates

Season: 1    Episode: 7    Date: October 18, 2016     Duration: 00:32:43
Tags: experiences, games, playstation, reality, vr
Another special episode where we discuss our experiences and possibilities with VR.



@saftsaak – @metzelfetz

Finnish train operators

VRalso VR

A new, better world

Playstation VRBattlezone

How to anchor sea-sickness


The uncomfortable Rift to VR scars

OculusDiver's mask


Keep talking and nobody explodesHere they lieVR WorldsMad Max

A field with lions vs. alone in a museum with dinosaurs

Star Trek: Bridge CrewIntroduction to Virtual Reality

Expensive Tân line

Tân line – BBC Worldservice, The Inquiry "How will Virtual Reality Change our Lives?"Zombies, run! – Allumette

Research needed

Japanese decline of sexual activity


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