Working with friends.

We are booncon, we are changing the way people experience work. As the lines between life and work are blurring, it’s important for everybody to love what they are doing. We are on a mission to make work lovable.

Since we developed this idea in 2010 a lot has happened: from starting this company in Helsinki over launching Pixels and the interactive children book publisher Tiny Tin Box to starting the coworking community Friendzone.
We see ourselves as business builders and just love coming up with new concepts.

Experiences from our work and cooperations with different companies have proven we are on the right track. Work is not a job and working with friends is awesome.
booncon is all about learning from each other and sharing experiences. We strongly believe in mixing people from different backgrounds and blending startup ideology with the power of established companies.

“Working with these guys has been a total blast!”

Stefanus Loater
kilometers travelled

We met a long time ago in a place far, far away…

…and today we couldn't be happier working together. Our different backgrounds enable us to work very efficiently on a multitude of projects.

Tobias Johannes

Master Planner

Tobias is an entrepreneur at heart, always bustling with new ways of doing things. Having worked closely with all functions of companies in different sectors truly makes him a business allrounder – be it marketing or finance.
His passion lies in transforming ideas into working concepts and business plans.
In his spare time he enjoys laughing at silly things on the web, playing board games, keeping tabs on what's going on around the globe and practising martial arts.


Lukas Jakob Hafner

Master Maker

Lukas has a strong background in technology mixed with a degree in design. His analytical thinking helps him to get to the bottom of challenges and his excessive news-reading helps him to always know something about everything.
He is passionate about creating great user experiences and adores simplicity.
When he is not working or tinkering he might be busy trying out new gadgets, playing basketball or probably cooking.


years of being friends

Let's work together!

Over the last years we have worked as advisors for different companies in our respective fields and helped with the improvement of work methods and the creation of better work environments.
We love to dive into challenging projects and meet interesting people. Our latest projects included working in the building sector, the field of international law, exploring the upcoming omnichannel revolution in the retail sector and experimenting with apps and education.

Speaking several languages and work experience throughout Europe make us a great asset in every project.

We are awesome in:

evaluating and analysing existing products developing ideas into concepts writing business plans building prototypes consulting in brand development teaching project management refining work methods & environments being happy

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“Young and dynamic team, that delivers professional work with clear direction.”

Hartmann Stragenegg, Chief Instructor, Fighting Club Meran/o

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