Working with friends.

We are booncon, we are changing the way people experience work. As the lines between life and work are blurring, it’s important for everybody to love what they are doing. We are on a mission to make work lovable.

Experiences from our work and cooperations with different companies have proven we are on the right track. Work is not a job and working with friends is awesome. booncon is all about learning from each other and sharing experiences.

We are creating and investing in startups to keep up with their everchanging working methods. This insight we use to provide advisory services to companies.
Over the years we have learned that the right company culture is necessary to enable digital transformation.
This way employees can grow into more responsible roles which saves unneccesary management hierarchies.

We strongly believe in mixing people from different backgrounds and blending startup ideology with the power of established companies.

We met a long time ago in a place far, far away…

…and couldn't be happier working together. Our different backgrounds enable us to work efficiently on a wide array of projects.

Since we founded this company in Helsinki in 2011 we have worked on many of them. From co-founding the digital agency Pixels Helsinki to launching the interactive children's book publisher Tiny Tin Box to creating the co-working concept Friendzone to co-founding SelectAM and many years of advising Torggler.
We are business builders and love coming up with new concepts.

Tobias Johannes

Master Planner

Tobias has a degree in International Business and years of practical experience in the fields of change management and corporate restructuring. In tough situations he keeps a level head and takes bold decisions empowering people to become change initiators.
His passion lies in transforming ideas into working concepts and business plans.
In his spare time he enjoys laughing at silly things on the web, playing board games and keeping tabs on what's going on around the globe.

Lukas Jakob Hafner

Master Maker

Lukas has an educational background in technology and design. Over ten years of working within these two disciplines have helped him to create a unique toolset for analysing complex processes and implementing holistic user-centred solutions.
He is passionate about developing corporate culture and solving technological challenges.
When he is not working or tinkering he is probably trying out new gadgets, throwing frisbees, cooking or working on his next batch of craft-beer.
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Let's work together!

Speaking several languages and work experience throughout Europe helps us understand different cultures and make us a great asset.
Over the years we have worked as advisors for different companies in our respective fields and helped with their digital transformation.

We want to empower as many companies as possible to create better work environments. Therefore we focus on kicking off change projects but rely on specialised partners when it comes to their implementation.
We do this by collaborating with your decision makers in efficient workshops and create a final report and action plan for you to follow.

We can help you with the following:

Strategy Audit

We are analysing your current business model to rate how it supports your future plans. We also evaluate your strategic potential through digitalisation and service based income models. Furthermore we define critial KPIs to measure progress towards your goals.

Culture & Working Methods

We are diving into you organisation to evaluate the current corporate culture and wellbeing of your employees. We use our experience from working with startups to introduce new tools and working methods to empower your digital transformation.

Tech Audit

We are looking at your IT department and the different systems your company is using and rate how well they support your future growth plans. This includes looking at core systems like ERP, PIM & PLM as well as your website, intranet and other supporting systems.
Interested? Drop us a line, your email is gonna make our day!

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Working with friends.
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