bp005 – Drawing a Picture

Season: 1    Episode: 5    Date: February 18, 2016     Duration: 00:45:51
Tags: brexit, disc golf, escape room, euro crisis, harvest, refugee crisis, trello, woocommerce, wooconf 2016, wordcamp finland, zika
This time we cry about the EU crisis, budgeting of Texas trips, escaping the Zika virus and strap-on spikes (if you know what we mean).



@saftsaak – @metzelfetz

Apologetic promises


State of the Union

Toilet revelationPositive newsEuro crisisRefugee crisisTerrorist attacksBrexitUkraine war – Rise of populists: Front National, UKIP, FPÖ, Fidesz, PiS – Death StarEU institutionsEU vs Member States – European new sources: euobserver, Politico EU, European Public Affairs


Budgeting and time tracking with Harvest – Scheduling with ForecastLists of to do cards with Trello

The Golden Bridge to overseas

WooCommerce for WordpressWooConf 2016Online store exampleTexas – WooConf 2016 discount code: WOOCONFBOONCON – WordCamp Finland 2016

Zika is in the air

Zika virusZika epidemic – Guillain–Barré SyndromMyelitisEncephalitisMicrocephalyBBC The Inquiry: Why Don’t We Eradicate Mosquitoes?Tiger mosquito

When it's cold outside

[Beach volleyball](http://www.biitsi.fi/) – [Escape room Exite](http://www.exite.fi/en/) – [Lazer-haunted-house-themed-minigolf](http://www.hohtogolf.fi/helsinki/) – [Disc golf](https://www.wikiwand.com/de/Discgolf) – [Strap-on spikes](http://www.amazon.com/Yaktrax-Pro-Traction-Cleats-Snow/dp/B001CZJBKC)


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