bp005 – Drawing a Picture

This time we cry about the EU crisis, budgeting of Texas trips, escaping the Zika virus and strap-on spikes (if you know what we mean).

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Apologetic promises


State of the Union

Toilet revelationPositive newsEuro crisisRefugee crisisTerrorist attacksBrexitUkraine war – Rise of populists: Front National, UKIP, FPÖ, Fidesz, PiS – Death StarEU institutionsEU vs Member States – European new sources: euobserver, Politico EU, European Public Affairs


Budgeting and time tracking with Harvest – Scheduling with ForecastLists of to do cards with Trello

The Golden Bridge to overseas

WooCommerce for WordPressWooConf 2016Online store exampleTexas – WooConf 2016 discount code: WOOCONFBOONCON – WordCamp Finland 2016

Zika is in the air

Zika virusZika epidemic – Guillain–Barré SyndromMyelitisEncephalitisMicrocephalyBBC The Inquiry: Why Don’t We Eradicate Mosquitoes?Tiger mosquito

When it’s cold outside

Beach volleyballEscape room ExiteLazer-haunted-house-themed-minigolfDisc golfStrap-on spikes


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