bp002 – Lazer Eyes

Season: 1    Episode: 2    Date: April 3, 2015     Duration: 00:32:11
Tags: aws, disc golf, lazer eye surgery, startups
In this episode we randomly rumble through some of the things that happened in the last months and talk about tech stuff, sports and lazer eye surgeries.



@saftsaak – @metzelfetz

Nordic Startup Environment

Startup Sauna – #cphftw – Helsinki Gaming Scene – Catchbox – LeeLuu

AWSome Day Helsinki

AWS – Roadshow 2015 – Redshift – AWS Summit Stockholm 2015

A little bit of sports

Toughest – Disc GolfPortable disc golf basket

Lazer eyes

PRK – SMILE – Eye Exam Equipment

TV show recommendations

GothamBlack Mirror

Rant of the week: Google Chromebox for meetings

Chromebox for meetings


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