bp001 – Phong Shui

Season: 1    Episode: 1    Date: February 12, 2015     Duration: 00:07:52
Tags: feng shui, Italy, work
In this first episode we talk about who we are and what we were up to in the last week including random topics like feng shui.




A lot of random topics

work stuffexperiences – more experiences

Our background

boonconSouth Tirol

Snucking out in Italy

work tools: Trello, Basecamppizza place of choice

Tobi gets trolled by a Brit

FacebookTrollingEuropean UnionEuro

Luki doesn't have a life

crazy hours

This weeks podcast recommendation

Stuff You Should KnowHow Ice Cream WorksHow Feng Shui Worksbedroom mirrors

Plans for the future

Helsinki Startup Scene: AaltoesSlush, Startup Sauna, ArcticStartupWork methods




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