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bp007 – Hitler's dirty surrogates

Season: 1    Episode: 7    Date: October 18, 2016     Duration: 00:32:43
Tags: experiences, games, playstation, reality, vr
Another special episode where we discuss our experiences and possibilities with VR.

bp006 – Cat Gif Offsprings

Season: 1    Episode: 6    Date: October 3, 2016     Duration: 00:33:52
Tags: birthday, booncon, company, culture, party, work
In this special episode we might be victims of residual alcohol and talk about our company turning 5 and awesome party games.

bp005 – Drawing a Picture

Season: 1    Episode: 5    Date: February 18, 2016     Duration: 00:45:51
Tags: brexit, disc golf, escape room, euro crisis, harvest, refugee crisis, trello, woocommerce, wooconf 2016, wordcamp finland, zika
This time we cry about the EU crisis, budgeting of Texas trips, escaping the Zika virus and strap-on spikes (if you know what we mean).

bp004 – Evil Japanese Money Laundering

Season: 1    Episode: 4    Date: August 13, 2015     Duration: 00:47:41
Tags: alphabet, banks, communication, fishing, google, money laundering, restaurant day, running, tenkara, tools, xletix
In this episode we talk about summer activities, money laundering, alpha bets and communication tools. And pizza.

bp003 – Travellers

Season: 1    Episode: 3    Date: May 10, 2015     Duration: 01:21:50
Tags: apple watch, aws, business culture, elections, EU birthday, podcasting, re:publica
In this episode we reminisce about our recent trips around Europe, the events we visited and our experiences in tech, business and podcasting.

bp002 – Lazer Eyes

Season: 1    Episode: 2    Date: April 3, 2015     Duration: 00:32:11
Tags: aws, disc golf, lazer eye surgery, startups
In this episode we randomly rumble through some of the things that happened in the last months and talk about tech stuff, sports and lazer eye surgeries.

bp001 – Phong Shui

Season: 1    Episode: 1    Date: February 12, 2015     Duration: 00:07:52
Tags: feng shui, Italy, work
In this first episode we talk about who we are and what we were up to in the last week including random topics like feng shui.

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