bits & pieces episodes:

bp006 – Cat Gif Offsprings

In this special episode we might be victims of residual alcohol and talk about our company turning 5 and awesome party games.

bp005 – Drawing a Picture

This time we cry about the EU crisis, budgeting of Texas trips, escaping the Zika virus and strap-on spikes (if you know what we mean).

bp003 – Travellers

In this episode we reminisce about our recent trips around Europe, the events we visited and our experiences in tech, business and podcasting.

bp002 – Lazer Eyes

In this episode we randomly rumble through some of the things that happened in the last months and talk about tech stuff, sports and lazer eye surgeries.

bp001 – Phong Shui

In this first episode we talk about who we are and what we were up to in the last week including random topics like feng shui.