Working with friends.

What we offer

booncon is about how to enjoy your work. We like working with friends and can help you improving your own work environment.
booncon PIXELS our graphic studio working on print and web design, shows our methods in action!

How we work

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booncon cultivates an office atmosphere where experimentation and inspiration are celebrated. It's about exchanging ideas between different perspectives and disciplines. Our team is marked by a love of detail and our constant quest for the best solutions.

Working at booncon is about creating something better together.

How it started

In 2010 a group of German speaking friends from Italy came up with an idea. Now, 3 years later they have a growing company of 8 people in downtown Helsinki, Finland. What? Why? How?

The fellowship

After various jobs across Europe the minds behind booncon had a mutual feeling – they desired something new – a work environment that would stand for more than just work. As “children of the net” and in a small identity crisis, they felt anything, anywhere is possible. So they decided to create something of their own.

Discovering the Nordics

Experiences from the Scandinavian and Finnish culture drew the group to Helsinki. As a bustling, energetic capital it was a perfect match with their endless enthusiasm. A perfect match was also the partnership with Aalto Design Factory – in September 2011 booncon was born in Espoo.

Winds of change

Cooperation with Finnish and international companies, as well as collaboration with highly motivated students gave booncon a strong tailwind leading to rapid growth. An increasing number of projects and an expanding team was the needed proof – the idea of a friendly work environment was coming to fruition. In November 2012 Iso Roobertinkatu in the heart of Helsinki became the new home for booncon.

2013 booncon has brought to life booncon PIXELS.